Saturday, August 06, 2011

lots of simple pleasure happening...a little rain and the place turns green
 the fields are adorned with ladies in jewel bright saris working away with their hoes
 Peacocks are using our shed as a highway
 Praveen is oiling our new blocks
 we really are reaching new heights in the quality of our work
but there is so much to do and so little time it is hard to keep a focus on these joys  and not break into stress mode.
The simple paperwork of putting the final full stop in my residential permit/ visa issue is not one simple visit to the office in Delhi as I was originally has now been 2 visits and a mission to get the local police officer in charge of foriegners to sign a paper and return to them....been to see him and he claims to know nothing of the communication from Delhi....not sure if he is just an idiot, wants a sweetener to consider it or is tricky finding these things out and all the while you are running around in circles like a chook with out a head!!!
Bloody hell....
ohh wait there; the resolution is to focus on the simple pleasures of life and just deal with the rest.....
oh yes, oh yes breathe!


Chris Lines said...

Or should that be a tasty old chook without a head! The famous bureaucracy of India, huh? Maybe he is waiting for a sweetener but this is a form of corruption and he wouldn't show himself to a foreigner be corrupt, surely? Maybe you should look forlorn and tell him that all the income you are bringing to the locals and the investment you have made will all be put in jeopardy if he can't pull his finger out and sign your paper. I have no idea how you handle it, what does Praveen think? What a stress it must all be, especially when you come from such a different system.

Ginny Huber said...

Breathing sounds good and concentrating on these lovely simple pleasures; it reminds me to do the same!always I love seeing the camel and I can't say we have peacocks using our shed as a highway! Hope the visa etc issue resolves soon; I've felt under stress lately and found out yesterday for those who are astrologically inclined that Mercury is retrograde and will go "direct" on August 26th -maybe that means a day earlier there than here!?(and things are supposed to straighten out!) I don't know what a chook is..but I am sending good wishes for resolution etc..The blocks and work are looking lovely.