Saturday, August 27, 2011

would you believe it!

My Grandmother always said "patience is a virtue" - well it is not really a virtue I have been good at cultivating but I must admit but India seems to be trying to teach me it in a big way!!
Just trying to tweak my visa to be more user friendly for business, initially told such a simple process- only a few hours....well now have made 3rd trip to Delhi, spent a day lurking around various police stations down here and now waiting for the "result" which is extremely hopeful as the guy down here can't read his emails and the Home Office will email it to him and then we will have to go back to them [in Delhi] and beg them to fax it to him.....we will then have to beg him and offer a sweetener to be informed of it.

 Making the best of another trip to Delhi I had a whole heap of shopping to do for our business....but heading up to the wholesale market things looked weird....see these streets usually it is hard to get along them they are so packed, and when I got to the market all shops were closed.
Many people were wearing Gandhi caps like the cool guy above.....all Delhi and much of India had called a general strike in support of Anna Hazare.
He is a politician, modelling himself along the lines of Gandhi calling for a stop to corruption in India.
The Bill he has tried to introduce to parliment was a little inflexible, the government's responce has been pathetic, they were trying very hard to ignore it or side track it at least but with the whole country going on picnic yesterday [ I use that term because there was a very festive feel to all the people out in the streets singing their protests] The government has had to table it for seriuos discussion and hopefully something useful will come of it.
I had to laught the other day as I was lurking around police stations and finally getting some of the paperwork moving....I was then sitting waiting for another signature when a rather fearsome lady approached me...I could see althe local coppers who were hanging around were looking at her out of the corner of their eye....she came up to me and said was I alright? was everything going smoothly for me? I was a bit tongue tied- Lady do you know how long it has taken me to get this far?....If I seem to complain I could end up dying of old age lurking around these corridors....
I had been sitting there wondering how sweet we would have to be to get the paper in our hands when she says she is there for a permit to protest CORRUPTION!!
Wow, unfortuneltly I don't have the luxruy as a non-citizen to join them...too doodgy but I do wish them well -what a big task they have taken on.
Then a few days later the rally and general strike in favour of stopping corruption has to make one hopeful change may, just may come in time.
I love this place but it could sure send you crazy!!
Ohh and I know nothing about anything....I would not mention sweets etc in the context of  the powers that be- should anyone ask.....cryptic enough?
Of course these things don't happen in our neighbourhood!

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iNd!@nA said...

good luck with the paperwork.

i've found, in my few dealings with officialdom on the sub-continent, that the standard answer is

"wait just one moment please madam"

which translates variously as "someone might think about this in a couple of hours" , "why don't you go back to where you came from" or "i don't know"

the trick is to work out which...