Thursday, September 01, 2011

Birthday parties

 Last week was Praveen's birthday- so we had cake on the day and on Sunday evening invited the guys from the workshop home for dinner [ you can see from their huge grins there was a few liquid refreshments as well] it went very well- I decided to do the good Indian wife thing and stay inside, just made sure the meals was served nicely....easier for everyone and more relaxed.
It was funny the guys were really excited at the thought of the little party and giggling like school boys at work the day before.
Here you do spend a lot of time working, or else off at religious things or family things, not necessarily just down time hanging out.
 Also we made a huge pot of mutton curry, which was the real treat of the night because most people we know could only afford that on a special occasion or at the most once a week. Really pleasant evening, our team are good guys.
 A new tortoise has turned up in our garden- some kids said to Praveen there is your Daughter so the name has stuck but Daughter seems to be all boy chasing Chortu [who is a young boy] all around and trying to jump on him/her. Chortu does not seem amused.
Notice how green is my garden...the rains were late but have been good and it is starting to feel like we live amongst triffords....everything Indian grows so fast when it rains. My ozzie vegeatbles are just slowly, slowly getting going and boy am I hanging out for lettuce.
New lables just arrived for Zac's grafitti line- aren't they beautiful?
This is fun to work on...
otherwise a million things are happening and nothing much really at all....this week things have been a bit higgldy piggldy with Eid at the end of Ramadan, here in Ajmer yesterday there as all the excited craziness like you might recognize for Christmas Eve or Diwali- people rushing around, and all the pilgams are returning through Pushkar after Ram people everywhere with a holiday feel to it..... hard to focus on work.
have a good day

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