Saturday, September 17, 2011

a good day....

Funny I got home from work the other day and was almost falling over I was so tired.....could not work out what was wrong with me....Then realised that I had started at 4.00 am in the morning!
The full moon is so bright I wake up thinking it is morning time....get a bit suspicious when William the rooster does not crow but by then it is too late I am awake....add a very trying day to that and 14 hours later you will be falling down every time! What to do? the moon is getting less bright ady by day, thankfully.
 Founds these old pants...they have had their used by date now but great to see them and remember them....   feeds my graffitti theme I am playing with at the moment...had a great afternoon painting and not a drop of rain for the first time in fact seems the big heat is kicking back in the water from the roof tank was almost too hot for an afternoon shower.

 The black eyed peas from teh garden are starting to be ready to pick and dry...many a yummy dal there....
 paint and blocks- what a great combination....just been marinating some new blocks and now setting them out to dry....tomorrow or the next day will be at the block printers to try them out.
 Notice how white the wallls the full moon night light you alost need sngalsses to go out there in the evening. andboy is Praveen pleased.

 lining- resist painted for some new Old Chooks jackets.....slowly things are happneing.

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