Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your help please

As you know Praveen and I have been working on a new project with Mandlie Chandler of "Ewe Give methe Knits" of Australia.
It is a range of clothes - thinking of women in our age group who would like something a bit interesting. We now have a number of things in the pipe line and more sampling happening.
We would really appreciate some feed back from you at this stage.
What do you like, what size are you [all info is strictly confidential ] lots of question you might be able to help us with that will help us in our decision making.

 Here goes.... you might like to cut and past and email me a reply
Thank you very much for your help

After many a wistful conversation with various women over the lack of anything “interesting” for women of a certain age- being Australian we immediately translated that to “Old Chooks” by the way- to wear we were inspired to start dreaming. Our muse is you- you know the person whose kids are grown/ing up, have experience under the belt and not yet ready to be locked up in the Retirement home…in fact just at that nice time when you start to really come into yourself and can feel a little free of so many of those things you worried about when you were younger….

Anyway what were we saying? We decided we might have something of interest to offer for you to wear, something relaxed and a little elegant, creative, a celebration of the cloth and design elements used to make garments beautiful, designed to enhance your perhaps slightly fuller figure and if there is fairly paid work in there for the makers isn't that so much the better.?

As you are our muse we would love to hear your observations as well
- How do you see yourself- age wise, experience wise?
- What do you think of how you look? Be nice…
- Are you terribly worried by this?
- Do you use clothes to
1. feel good in?
2. simply cover up- people stare if you are naked?
3. hide inside?
- What do you see as your physical assets? think positive- there is something so warm and comforting about a two arms full hug you just don’t get from young hard muscles.
- I might not be young and firm like I once was but you know now I am a lot less worried by how I look. How do you feel?
- What clothing shapes do you like to wear?
- Have you watched any of those “how to dress shows” for ideas?
- Do you think you have an interesting dress sense?
- Do you snag things that feel good on and do others notice this?
- Are you adventurous in what you do wear?
- Or do you look at others clothes and think, “Ohh how lovely but I could not/ would not be game enough to wear it?”
- What sort of fabric do you like to wear/ prefer?
- What is the hardest thing to overcome when you shop for clothing? Too long, too short? Inconsistent sizing?
- Do you follow fashion or prefer to dress in a more individual style?
- What is your favourite colour in the whole wide world?
- Is this a colour you wear?
- Do you follow colour fashion trends? [yes I know you are somewhat forced to these days if you shop in the high street]
- Do you make clothes for yourself?
- For others?
- Sizes are a big head ache trying to sort out- can we ask what are your measurements and what size is that?
- In the spectrum of your friends would where would you place yourself one of the cuddlier ones or other much more cuddly? I am trying to work out the spectrum of sizes we need to focus on.

We really appreciate your help in this questionnaire- thanks :)

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