Monday, September 19, 2011

A new Village to Stitch in

Ranjit is a young man who has worked for us for more than a year now, initially he was cook at the the hotel, and when we closed we did not want to loose him so asked if he wanted to come with us and re-invent himself. He started at the workshop making the chai and lunch and cleaning...then picked up cleaning the garments after stitching [ millions of threads etc] but has proved himself absolutly invaluable as a checking master- he has eagle eyes and nothing ever passes him by.
This also shows a great strength of character as he has to hand the work back to much older and more senior guys who are not always best pleased.
He is learning to do that with a bit of sugar on top = humor and they are learning to apprectaite we are paying them well to only give the best work.
Hey! they do have options like look for another job if not happy with that.
 Great ladies and lots of laughs as well as serious discussion on workmanship and details and what we are looking for.

 As we came outside a peacock was passing by- very auspicious for our new beginnings...
Ooop for some reason the photos have jumped - this is Praveen entering Ranjit's house

many, many more photos on this link

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