Sunday, November 27, 2011

 Caught peaking at the property next door- only small but it has some charm and would be good as a base for The Stitching Ladies.....just dreaming at the moment but if you don't have dreams new realities can't come into being can they??
 Yes caught! Do you like the vest-  a trail number for Tasty Old Chooks Clothes. Don't mind trailing the samples...never seem to get around to making new clothes for myself and I know I look a bit old and tatty some days when I turn up in my work clothes- I am only at work but local ladies always look fine enough to go to a party. All my poor guys are stuck with me- an Ozzie and not so sparkly but they are all proud of how hard working and inventive I am.
 Here we are working on re-cycled sari silk turning it into some luscious kimino inspired coats/ dressing gowns for Pukka Desirables. Papu-ji is on the right. He will be Workshop Production Foreman in our new place and we are so lucky to have him.
He is a nice guy, good sense of humor, good work ethic, hard working dedicated to quality work and wiling to think and work with us making our designs as best possible.
He is happy to be very clear and straight with us.
The other gentleman KL is our pattern cutter and whilst he is skilled at what he does half the time he is unconcerned with thinking things through and so hands up rubbish and another part of the time he is trying to manipute people to his own advantage....not sure he is going to be working for us much longer.....actually I know he won't be but we have to find a way to slip away with out people loosing face. ....aahhhhh local customs I do perfer the loud Aussie way of "you are fired- bugger off" but am not allowed to use it here. Would offend too many in the community even though all know our problems.
 Look, look, look and idea coming to frution....heavy hand spun, handloomed cotton, dyed locally and then silk strips stitched on to add a layer and texture dimension and then over printed with discharge paste. This will become cuddly winter jackets for Tasty Old Chooks Clothes, my biggest disappoiuntment is that I will never be able to wear one as it is just not cold enough here. Lost more pictures here of the day.

 The lovely Baba making a delivery, guided by the equally lovely Saun. Do not Baba's lovely red ankle bells, they were gifted to him by Cas and Rhyll and now we know when he is coming as between the bells and his particular gate all camels sound distinctive.
 The big room in the property next door- make a fantastic ladies space.....
The front courtyard-there isa tree to the right....has a great feel ...we are putting feeler out.....fingers crossed and beseachiung Ganesha to remove any obstacles in our path.....

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