Saturday, December 03, 2011

in the garden

William the rooster [of William and Kate fame] out defending our territory from passing peacocks.
Good boy....whilst peacocks may look lovely they can also eat everything in your garden in no time flat.
Thereis now 7 boys in this group and they check our place out morning and evening to see what they can steal....this afternoon a group of 4 peahens went by and distracted them....

My favourite place in the whole wide world to sit as the sun sets...out on the steps to my vegie garden watching the light change and things grow....shanti, shanti peaceful.
Dashing out the door for a week in Oz- see the kiddies, sit on my mate's veandah and take it is lovely.
Praveen is staying home to finish the moving of workshops- it will all be ready for me when I get back....yeh!

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