Sunday, November 20, 2011

unexpected visitors and ...

 We have been blessed with unexpected visitors of late....John and Jane from England found us through an ex-student of mine in the UK and dropped in for chai when they were in Pushkar....they tagged along with us on a village visit and then we went out to see our shoes' guy .We really had a lovely time meeting them.
Here they are modeeling some of our jackets- I think John epitamises the conecpt of a dapper English gentleman in the one above. He has a handloom khadi shirt on underneath and one of our stitched Diamond jackets on top- reaaly cool.
 Not to be out done his wife Jane looks just as nice. It is so good to see our clothes on people to get an idea of how they fit, what effect they produce and we are greatful to be able to nab passing people as models and appreciate the oppotunity.

 We had a long awaited finishing party for our staff last Sunday....we just finished a big order for Blackwattle Designs of Canberra Australia and this year our new workshop brought a wonderful quality to the work. It is so great now we have our own workshop- we can control quality, know what is happening with production and so get the results we want. Our guys really derserve the treat of mutton curry and a drink.
 Yoga Mary has swirled into town with a group of beautiful girlies on a yoga retreat. I say girlies because everyone got along so nicely and there was such a good atmosphere when hanging out with everyone it reminded me of my students on school camp....lots of good fun.
In betweeen their yoga we had time to take some of the ladies out for shoes at Om-ji's, everyone printed their own scarves at Nandu's our block print lady and they all came to our place for cooking class and camel meeting. And we played dress ups with Tasty Old Chooks range of clothes- great to see them on people.
 Chapiti king Praveen with our visitors
 Look what was sitting on my desk at work this morning- absoluetly yummy silks, patchworked together and soon to be hand stitched and then assembled into kimonos.
 Here is the sample, I have snatched it and am wearing it before it even gets handstitch....never mind it feels fabulous....production numbers will be 2" longer otherwise about the same. should they have a pocket on them? Useful isn't it? Pukka Desirables will have another lovely item in their range.
 And finally after a lot of fiddling around, me staying hidden so the price does not go up and Praveen having to run this way and that greasing palms we have finally been able to buy our own workshop space and it is FANTASTIC!!. a big yard with lovely neem tree, 4 big rooms and a small kitchen....needs a spot of work but not too much and we will be able to start working from here in a week or so.
Will ease a lot of the problems we have had at the present place with lack of space and difficult neighbours.
 Isn't the gate fabulous- Praveen will be itching to get rid of it I am sure but i hope we can some how use the saw blades in the new gate.
 Big yard, lovely tree to set painting tables under....
Door to my new will be so nice to have everything in one the moment I carry things from home to workshop daily and one us is always forgetting something and our house is submerged under stuff and, and , and.... a million reasons having everything in one place.
big new beginnings to expand on where we have got ot so far.

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