Monday, November 14, 2011

gentle anarchy

Life has been flowing along at warp speed even though most things seem to happen here in SSSSSLLLOOoooWW motion.....hard to get your head around- you should try living here!!
We have just had the Pushkar Camel Fair- truley amazing and so welcome to have our peaceful home just 3 km away.
Early morning and sunset ballon flights have seen some nearly land on our roof top- what a wonderful view they must have had!

 My mate Maree was visiting and this is an early morning ambush of her showing off her new shoes from Om-ji- so yummy I think I need more in this colour combination!
Been madly painting again and finally making head way on Watts Wright Designs graffitti inspired hoodies and tshirts....

 Praveen is the proud Papa to 14 little chicks and hen number 2 should hatch more in the next few days. This is such a pleasure for I have spent my whole life experiencing because I have always kept chooks [chickens in non-Aussie english]..for Praveen a new pleasure as he is a city boy who has always longed for country the moment I am lucky to get a quick morning kiss before he is out the door to check on his girls!
 Nandu our blockprint lady has overcome a huge nervousness to work on our non-traditional printing for Watts Wright Designs grafitti inspired works....her lovey little Radhi is always present and such a joy to all. Praveen and I still fabtacise about taking him home with us....
 Radhi quality checking on some discharge prints...nearly 15months old, starting to talk and ssssoooo gorgeous!
 Some of the travllers to the Fair had their blankets up on the railway line fence to air....rather lovely.
Our small village swelled to about half a milllion people here for the Camel Fair and important the Brahma temple festival it grew up around

 Prveiwing the new Hoodies...sooo happy with them. Available sson in Australian and via the internet world wide.
Shanti, shanti  or peace, peace be with you.

OOOHHHH and a big, big excitment for today- we have put a deposit down on our own property to house our workshop in. A place to develop for our work and a  step away of some of the workshop stresses we have been going through of late.
Really a long story !- most of the people working for us are easy to get along or 2 are worth keeping but into power plays...working in OUR space will sort all that out and let us fly free-er and develop more of our ideas..... much has happened in a simple week or two....really worth a whole book in itself....
May the new week bring you expansion in your experience of the world and much joy :)


joni cornell said...

As always lovely to read about your creative work and life Fiona. Hugs

joni cornell said...

Love the hoodies!