Wednesday, December 28, 2011

team building

 We don't have fancy seminars here on team building, instead we haul 400kg pieces of machinery about the place.
We have a brand new generator- indepenece from black outs- yeh!! but oh what fun trying to get it into place.....first lots of contemplation
 Then a blessing- swatchstika for good luck, long life and prosperity, a dab of sweets to the Gods first to share the sweetness of life and the red bow to bind prosperity to us - yes please!!
 Baba thankful he does not have to help....
 much tean effort grunting and communicating to get it in place- and we did finally!!
 Baba in camel dream land....far removed form our earthly struggles....
 Christmas day was spent very productively visiting some of our stitching ladies, paying for work and sharing prosperity around- lovely day.

 One of our ladies Setan, is not a good stitcher but she does need work- as a widow she is quiet desperately. Luckily we discovered her ability with funda [or camel flowers as I call them] and so she made us these ropes of flowers to go on our moon bag....unfortuneatley she went a bit rogue and did not get the spacing right so they won't fit and they were very late.....oh well they are lovely, lovely and I want to string them all over the house.....
We will just have to add flowers to the bags by one, by one.
We will try Setan again with a new slant on getting the spacing right- who knows what might happen?
Happy New Year to everyone, may the coming year be full of learning and realizations, happiness and adventures.
love and best wishes from Fiona and Praveen

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