Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year

OOOhhh Happy New Year, the last one seemed to go extra fast and the way this one is starting I wonder how much will happen this year!
Plotting and planning is well under way with my mate Anne from UK - we are working on Pukka Components Bag Kits, here are some samples of our thoughts for the all started at the suggestion from another mate Terri in Alaska.
Isn't it amazing how like minded souls can touch, talk and dream together across the world so easily?
Anne is coming to visit soon and we will be able to finalize everything along with a huge programme I have to show her and her husband all our favourite spots here in Pushkar and introduce her to some of the ladies we stitch with.

Tomorrow I am out the door for a bit of warmth and fun in looking forward to more wonderful batik and learning more about beads. I conciously said learning about beads as I am trying to keep myself in check and not bring heaps home....the bead market made me go a little crazy last time.... have to wait and see what happens....
I kind of feel weird as I am going without my laptop....I could not get much use out of it last time, and with its new long life battery it is so heavy to carry I am leaving it at home. I can still check emails, everything is up to date and under control but I will also feel a little naked without it for so long.
Hmmm all part of tryting to slow down a little, we now have workshop full of all things stitching and home empty, just home, I do do emails in the morning [what else do you so when you wake up at 5.00am?] but other stitching stuff has to wait for the workshop.....more time to read [Praveen is a bit worried by the pile of books I have ordered over the internet] and play in the garden- yeh!
Good changes for us here in Chawandia Village
a very happy and exciting year opening up in front of us....
I hope you have one as well.
love and light

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