Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I am home, which is wonderful, busy, relaxing, busy ohhh and did I mention busy???
Really a bit over whelming with the amount we want to get done in the next few daydreaming of the trip for this little minute.
Finally got pictures downloaded from the camera and had a brief sqizz at them all- such good experiences.
Ghana is glorious for the amount of hans-on experiences you can have...I really relish experiencing a place where the crafts are so lively and sssooo much a feature of everyday culture.
I mean you know I do look for such things and really here would be one of the most integrated places to see caft on the people, in the market place all around.
The ladies and I spent a lot of time eying off passing batik on people in the street, at the airport, in the villages, everywhere.

A quick little range of phots from the first half of the trip, Ewe kente weaving, batik, Sirigu women's co-operative in the far north, basket weaving and crossing the White Volta River in a dug out canoue [I can't spell canue  at the moment- forgive me????] Somehow I found that sort of thrilling.
Just a taste, I will take time to daydream more in the next week or so but at the moment my present real world of workshops, Stitching Ladies, blockprint and organizing an opening party and blessing for our workshop is calling [actually Praveen has the opening party, blessing and feeding many all organized...I need to catch up on events at the workshop side of things]
bye, have a great day :)

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