Saturday, January 28, 2012

2 huge days

 We have just celebrated the opening of our new workshop- yes we have owned it for nearly 2 months but what with this that and the other, this is the first chance we have had to do all the right things- Indian style.
Now Indian style is quite different to what I would have thought of but lovely all the same.
First day start with the priests and a blessing- we had organized to meet them at 10o'clock to get going, then a 7 o'clock we get a phone call- come now the time is more auspicious oh and have you got wood from a mango tree and a jaman tree for the fire?
What!! that was not mentioned yesterday and how do we find it in 10mins???
Anyway after a mad, mad scramble we got there and they set up, lots of mandalas made out of grains and pulses, lots of flowers and fruit and incenese and hours of chanting later we were thoroughly blessed.
 Important to have your head covered....I had a lovely scarf given to me by a friend with Australian gum leaves printed on it, Praveen in his hanky. Apparently that is what men always wear???
 Some of our workshop boys, waiting whilst it all goes on and on and on... :)
 Central was the Holy Fire at the back 3 altars left to right
1. prayers were said to align the planets for a successful venture and happy space,
2. To balance the Vatsu  [same idea as Feng Shui- the earth energies] of the place. Important for harmony, honesty and prosperity.
3. for the Goddess of the space. The Female energy brings a sense of warmth, fertility- many new ideas brought to fruition and protection.
The yellow altar near right was for Brahma who signifys the creative spirit that initiates things.
 This was a lovely experience, the priests chanting touched off a deep resonance in my chest, it felt good and seemed to give an opportunity to ponder what is important to bring a new business to fruition.
In the evening we had musicians  and singers in to sing Kirtans- songs for the Gods.
 Then the next day was the time to feed people, much, much food was prepared [ and realy delicious] and many, many of our Stitching Ladies and their families visited as well as everyone in our new neighbourhood, people from around our farm house and anyone we knew locally- all in all a huge crowd drifted through throughout the day.
 Papu-ji our production manager and his lovely family.
 The head caterer....notice his bare feet standing next to a vat of boiling oil? Everything went very well, Indian style we had to supply absolultly all the ingrdeienst [so we could be sure of their quality and freshness] and he brings the pots etc and works under Praveen's supervsion.
 Mountains of food, our staff stepped in as workshop family to help speed up preparations and then serve all the guests as they drifted in throughout the day and evening.
 A lot of the ladies we work with are just lovely and good fun- I have little Hindi, they have less English but we are able to have a good chat and laugh- when we get stuck for words Praveen is always around to supply details. Much baby holding for me as well when I get a chance.
Vey much a busy few days and very satisfying, our OWN workshop is off to a lovely start and feels most hopeful of good things to come for all of us.
A little incident the day before we got started did remind me though of the responsibility Praveen and I carry. We are creating work for ourselves and others...the others really rely on us for this to continue.
A small incident; Praveen and I had a bit of a spat at the workshop not with each other, just a frustration over something in the kitchen but every one heard us.
 Next day Papu-ji and the guys were checking on me- was I happy? What upset me? They know I work very hard and worry it is a lot of work. In broken English it was pointed out to me "When Madam is happy the workshop is happy and all is well....when Madame is upset, every body is upset and worried"
It was said kindly and softly but did hit home...what a responsibility we [ Madam means Praveen and I as we are very much a team but I am most un-Indian in that I do wear my emotions a lot more on my sleeve - so am seen as the indicator- I think] have created for ourselves.
We did start wanting to create interesting work for ourselves and as much work as we could locally and we are doing that but,.... no not but as that does negate it- rather AND it does carry responsibilities to have a dream and try and put it in action.
Ohh we are off toa bright new future this Year of the Dragon when all good things can come true!

Waiting for priests to be ready I finally got a few Ghana pictures sorted- was it only a week ago I was wandering around in traveller'smode? Here is a link- what fine travels :)

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Ginny Huber said...

Hi Fiona: I love this post. Congratulations on the official opening of the workshop; all the blessings are abundantly overflowing all the way to Seattle just like your beautiful silk bitsetc! Lovely pix and words...and the Ghana travels too!