Saturday, January 07, 2012

yippee Ghana

Sorry no pictures today...travelling with out a computer is wierd, much easier on the back as it gets heavy lugging one around....but strange not being able to tap my notes and emails and etc at a moments notice- it is such an extension of my thinking and memeory in many ways these days.
Woke up at 4.00 am last night- time warp from home and nothing much to do but potter around, read a book, stitch the design on the skirt I brought with me- it is a new sample for Tasty old Chooks- I got the lads to make it up before I left and figure I can wear it and add stitch to it the days it is off.
Stitching is soothing, when I take a moment to enjoy Dijanne Cevaal's idea of story blankes...might see if I can scrounge some off cuts from Esther our Batik Queen here in Accra and try being inspired by Dijanne in a Ghana banket- would love to take part in one of her on-line classes but fear I might be a slack student once I hit my real world back in India and there are so many other textile things to play at....

Perhaps I will stick to a traveller's pillow cover. I managed that during our first jaunt to Syria and was very pleased.
Lots of Syria in the news here- boy ! am I trying to send postive thoughts to them, let great changes happen for the benefit of the people, please. Dictator and army I thought you were better than your father and would allow change to develop. It is such a beautiful place full of good people who deserve to have a voice in the direction of their country. Please let change coma and people be safe- every human being deserves that.
Internet money running out, bye for today :)

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