Tuesday, February 28, 2012

same old, same old

Same old, same old...I do say that with a sort of brag thrown in.
We are working at a crazy pace packing and sending things to me for the Australia trip in April, as well as topping up stock for Mandie our Tasty Old Chooks partner in Australia. Madly working on the new website for Tasty as well soon I will be asking you to take a squizz and point out all my typos!!
I do feel a little frazzled but then notice what it is we are playing with- yummy textiles and the people we work with are fabulous- although we have our difficult moments by and large they are a great gang to be working with.
 First sample of a bag for Watts Wright Designs- logo needs to be made bigger but the bag will be a goer....we are patchworking all our scraps for the outside- enviromentally friendly or what almost no fleece will go to the cotton re-cyclers....everything will be utilized! Yeh and once we sort the logo will look fabulous.
 I have an order for a queen size bed quilt in our stitched panels- great ....[sorry these pictures look am little blurry- they were OK on the file] we are at the stage of discussing stiytch patterns, we know it is going to be all types of reds. This will be a treat to make.
Here is a whole batch of pics of some of our ladies when we picked up the Lightning skirts...this group is always very chatty and laughing but clammed up when the camera came out- so I was at the side being silly trying to get them to crack up. This Vimla with the teal,

 Pooja with tan
 Om with cherry red
 and Suman with purple, by the time we got to Kishan and her granddaughters we had fits of giggles as well. This group have been an excellent group to work with, they have got the point about quality from the start, are quick with getting onto things or let us know if they will have a distraction like a wedding or something and so be slow, always pleasnt to deal with which makes us very grateful.

Same day and running over to Nandu's as well working on lycra for new Tasty Old Chooks tops. Nandu has one of the biggest smiles and warmest hearts, we love her.
That makes me think of Gillian Travis she has some beautiful pictures from her recent travels in India- do take a look at the men's page and the women's page, Nandu is in there.
Gillian, Praveen and I are in the thick of plots and plans....some you will see at her stall at the Festical of Quilts this year in Birmingham, some you will read about on her website soon [sneak preview -she is bringing a textile group to India next Feb, we think, and will be spending a few days with us] and another will turn upon Creative Arts Safaris sooner or later- definite daydreams happening in the Bucharest to Budapest area....much work to do first though.

Same old, same old and we are blessed;  may you fill your time with work that brings light to your heart

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