Wednesday, February 29, 2012

like running away from home...

This is like running away from home...just for one minute - to play around and put pictures on here....should be working on websites but brain is not booted up properly yet and arms sore.
For a while we have been having major procrastinations over our Pukka Components Blockprint Fabrics.
Well lack of base fabric supply and then procrastinations....after a few enlighting converstaions with recent visitors- the penny dropped use the handloom....
 Have done pigment ink colour washes for the background and here is Nandu starting the print porcess....already it is singing to me!!

Definitely yum!!
I do hope our customers like it as much as I do.
I was helping pack and send a whole bunch of stuff to myself in Australia for the upcoming textile trading at Ballarat and teh Blue Mountains....
It was so good to hold with some of the Tasty Old Chooks work as it passed through my hands.
There is some pieces of machine made cloth with block print and other things are hand loom cotton and has things done to it.
The handloom definitely has an edge on that subtle vibe level....more love in there I guess.
When I used to paint shirts many years ago, to earn enough to feed my boys, I learnt to be very careful of what I was thinking about as I painted becasue it somehow left a vibe- completely insubstantial and probably mad of me to think it....but some pieces definietly sold quicker and some not at all- yet colours looked fine.
The handloom has more of a subtle vibe to it and in the hand is more alive because of the textural quality of the handloom process- not perfect and lifeless like a machine.
Happy, happy or as we say here kushi, kushi.

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Penny said...

Hand loomed sounds lovely. Are you bringung any wood blocks to Ballarat? I will be there and would love a couple of old wood blocks.