Sunday, February 05, 2012

Saturday Night

What did you do on your Saturday Night?
We had 12 people arrive on camel and a troup of gypsy dancers in to perform, and a fire eater to round it off.
In the last few days we have been blessed with visitors, and a lot of fun has been had by all.
First a woman Kerry turned up interested in our textile business- she works in the textile and fashion industry and is based in Hong Kong- I really enjoyed picking her brains about how it all works on a bigger scale than we do....seems pretty much the same story as here. You think you have covered all the bases and then someone does something wierd and you have to have a melt down and back track and sort it all out....but on a much larger scale.
Talking to her was so stimulating, and she asked many, many questions about what we do, how it impacts on the women we work with, the people we get supplies frrom etc. Good questions which was good for us to think about- when you step out of your nose to the grindstone mode you can have a second to evaluate what impact your work has on the lives of others....and I must admit I have been feeling this as a bit of a responsibility some days....good to realise it is also a help to people as well.
and a different person asking questions- fires off different connections in your brain and little quandaries i have been having about a direction for a print range shifted just a little sideways from a totally unrelated question and I can now see clearly where to head. Thank you Kerry, and one day you guys will no doubt be seeing blocks about to be carved by the block print guy, after art work is perfected and print samples coming from Nandu and yummy clothes being made- all in the fullness of time.
 This is Bunty, he arrived from our first hatch of chickens and Praveen could not bare that he become chicken curry so he lives in the first courtyard as a guard rooster. He has become very naughty of late...if the door to the house is left open he is straight in to see what he can see....don't know what he is after because he is totally flustered when he gets caught and shhooooed out again. Brainless but amusing.

One of our group from Ghana found this picture in the newspaper in England just recently...isn't it amazing when you have a new interest all these things you notice that point to it. A Ghanaian designer Kiki Clothing
stunning, fun clothes using the fantastic cloth made in West Africa- luscious batik and rich wax prints. Really exciting designs to see, can't wait for a chance to check them out on my next visit.

Lots of little highlights...and we have had a wonderful group from Denmark visiting. A group of final year student teachers in India to see a range of educational facities here as well as experience the culture for their cultural studies. They came for a cooking class- and we all had a lot of fun. I really appreciate the chance to hang out with a bunch of westerners sometimes [which is the biggest reason we run cooking classes really- it is not as if we need something else to do!!].
then they decided they would like the camel experinece.
The dancers had them all up dancing and playing around and they were brilliant. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt! Great people. A good Saturday night was had and Praveen is still in bed sleeping -about time to go and nudge him to start the day.
I hope you have a pleasant Sunday.

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