Friday, February 03, 2012

The Stitching Project

It is all systems go here, tweaking, trying to get things finished and packed....step by step re-fining procedures for the workshop....trying, trying, trying to drum itinto people's heads this is how it is done. Today, tomorrow and every day there after, even the days I am not here!!!
Did you get that? Even the days I am not here!
The people we work with are good, much better than many we have struggled with in the past but sometimes it is harder than parenthood and trying to train up kids to be nice human beings open, honest and easy for otheres to live with whilst being strong and decisive themselves, able to think ahead.
When you start a new business everything is a decision- where will we set up, now we have a place, where will things go?
And golly we would like a place to put things that is a sensible place, a place easy for someone else to find them as well, a place that is quite obvious to any observers and things grouped together with other like things....
It is all happening and like the actual birth of a new child, that immediate intensity will soon pass from memory but at the moment a lot of grunting is happening!! Daylight can be seen but work is still hard.
At the same as our own workshop is eveloveling, being the gluttons for punishment we seem to be we are evelving Zac's graffitti hoodies and Tshirts [notice the back of a hoodie above- it got a big thumbs up from our boy] Follow us on Facebook by becoming a fan at this link
 Tasty Old Chooks Clothes [ Mandie at Ewe Give me the Knits is our Australian Distributer and now has stock on her shelf looking for new owners, by the way]
I am working on a website, we are sorting how to keep inventory...still have to catch up with our Stitching Ladies and keep them busy whilst we focus on trying to open up chanels to markets to keep all of this progressing.
Also sorting out an itinerary for Australia in April - we will be trading at Fibre Arts Ballarat 8-11 April, 2012 and TAFTA Context in the Blue MountainsSaturday 14 –Wed 18 April amongst other things. A big preview of our Tasty Old Chooks Range will happen as well.

"Ohh and...."  is a very long list at the moment.
Our office guy Sagir is slowly coming online sorting out invoices and paperwork for us, which is a big help but I am still twaeking systems for all that and so have to keep a very close constant eye on what is happening there.

Kind of un-imaginable all the anal little details you need to consider, they are getting discovered and ticked off and we are happy todo them but boy will I be happy when this baby is safely settled in our arms and girgling away!
happy happy..... to you! Jst fill in the blank

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