Sunday, March 11, 2012


 All my mates seem to be into books and making books in one way or another...
Dawn makes amazing handmade books and other friend's print luscious books full of stories and research on textile.
Thinking Magie and Bob at African Fabrics- showcasing their research in wax print
full of great pictures, inspiration and research.
I notice Dijanne is working on a book- can't wait to get to her house and see EVERYTHING!! I have warned her of my intentions- we usually only meet dragging a suitcase so this will be fun.
and the other day I received this in the mail from Gillian Travis her travel book. Only one word- yummy!
So much will come of this....a story for later....
This has all got me going to work on a book as well.
I was thinking originally of a collection of swatches from our workshop...but these really represent a small story of things Praveen and I hold dear....the idea of hand work, fairly traded, direct connection to the creating process....for us research as well- we love the tracking down of these things- going into workshops to see how they are made and by who, developing relationships with the makers.
So our little book is going to be slightly different to all the above- it will be in cloth completely -pockets to hold text where necessary but mostly a tactile jouney through some of our treasures - handwork by living artisans trying to make a proper living using their traditional skills.

 I made up the first copy -sketched on my trusty old sewing machine, took it into our machine embroider guy in Ajmer and got it copied- now have a number of copies and can easily do more....I am adding colour via hand stitch. At the moment this is being done by me as I want a few copies for Australia....but in the future when I need more copies I have a lady or 2 who would find this an enjoyable challenge [ most would faint at having to follow something so tricky but a couple would get into it]
Happy Days- we are going to have a book as well!!
 Praveen is a bit funny about books- as reading is such a challenge for him he can't see how I can find it relaxing...but this type of show and tell book has really grabbed his imagination- the story will unfold through touch.
good stuff. Happy happy :)

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