Wednesday, March 07, 2012


 It has been a good week- so great to have friends visiting....brain a bit fizzed from all the ideas and dreams Anne and I can generate when having a chin wag....but so satisfying as well.
I have a mountain of things to contemplate.
I am lucky eneough to have been invited to join an art quilt group called Voyagers
I feel very privileged to be asked, and a little nervous to meet the deadlines. Admittedly the deadlines are not onerous but life here is a little busy....I wanted to join because I do relish the idea of having to step out of the workshop creativity mode into something a little more individual and for a while I have been hankering to try quilting with fabric rather than the felt based mode I used to work in.
Not sure where I will end up but I fancy using quilt block ideas and story sketching ideas- the Sujani embroideries we get from time to time defdinitely swim around in my dreams.... I like the rhythms of qult blocks repeated.
 More block print- guess what type of fabric I will be stitching into?
Dijanne says it dyes rather nicely and somethimes the colour wicks along the threads a bit- look forward to finding out.....
 This is George, Praveen's dog...I am not keen on odgs but Praveen has been hankering for one and here he is- rather naughty and now 1 month later twice the size of these photos.
When he misbehaves I have offered to make dog curry out of him which wories Praveen [I fixed one of our chickens that was horrible] and I made the same comment at lunch today and one of our staff nearly choked on his food.
My mate Anne, being a model for Tasty Old Chooks- she describes her sense of humour as wacky- she certainly has an infectious giggle and here we are indulging.
Great week
Happy Holi- tomorrow is the Festival of Colours...note to self don't get the camera out.We killed our last one being dusted in coloured powders 2 years ago!!
A time to celebrate the vistory of good over evil.

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