Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Can I brag??

I know I am bragging...I am having fun getting our books ready,
it all started because I have so many mates with nice books I was feeling a little left out.....and I have so many nice things we have found here in India. Handloomed fabics, block print, hand stitch all the things we play with on a daily basis really and I wanted to share them with my mates when I was visiting.....
all started to roll together and I thought we could have our own book.
Funny thing is I mentioned this to Praveen who is not into books at all and he thought it was a great idea. Picture books are much different to ones just full of words.
So with him spurring it on we have got our act togther.
 I did some sketches of our place and after this I was invited to Voyage Quilt Art group- isn't it amazing how the Universe spurs you on sometimes? a further chance to play with ideas that have been building for a while.
We have a great machine embroidery guy in Ajmer who can reproduce my sketches and then I hand stitched colour into them.
Like pen and ink drawings with a water colour wash I learnt about  on a Creative Arts Safaris Tour with Leonie Norton once but in my media.
 What I am thinking is to develop this idea one one day do limited ranges of sketches [rather than prints] hand coloured by some of our Ladies.
Anyway coming along in a satisfying manner, and now the part to brag about.
I am not doing the machine work...I can hand them over to Papu-ji in the workshop and he does the machine work far neater than I would ever manage.
Will bring the first batch to Oz and Dawn can help me bind them together and I will have them as well as all the other Textile stuff at Ballarat and Blue Mountains.....
fun, fun having your own workshop.
much more time to develop ideas when you have help in the stitching department.

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Arlenesfelt said...

Fiona, How can I purchase/reserve one of these books?
I would love to have one.