Tuesday, March 27, 2012

round home

 For some life never changes- Spot is just hanging around watching life go by....he is so funny and cuddly although now he us becoming a mature billy goat he is getting a bit smelly for big hugs. Praveen was completly grossed out the other day to see him in complete Billy goat mode putting his own distictly perfumed urine all over himself to smell beautiful.
I hav had to say if anything happens to my goat [like goat curry] then the same thing will happen to his dog George!
 The gitl Harry [yes as in Harry Houdini] is bored by his show offs.
 Raja our new calf is funny as he teeters around exploring the place. Tiny and cute now what will happen when he becomes a bull- remeber cows are sacred here AND Praveen is very sentimental....ooooohhhh
Finally got my first peiece ready to join the Voyage Art Quilt group- a pleasure in that and an opportunity to think of new ideas [our camers seems to be surrendering to the dust....focus doesn't seem as clear as it should be]
 and then with a few moments to spare got a chance to start experimenting on a new cloth I got last week at Gaffir's - our hand loom guy.
This is quite soft and chunky- hand spun and handloom- love the texture for stitching in.
So ripped up some silk sari scraps to use as my thread and away I went.
No plans- just manic stitching at the moment.- feels great when finished. Learnt about the pleasure of cross stitch from Black H'moung ladies in Sapa and Palestinian refugee women in Syria; amazing how far they are from each other and that such a humble stitch can be put to such diverse use and really loved it as a soothing way to cover areas with colour.
Wondering if something will come of it as a winter vest for Tasty Old Chooks perhaps or pillow covers for Pukka Desirables???

At the moment it is just pleasure and satisfaction.
OK now another big session on the Tasty Old Chooks website and we may have nearly nailed it....roll on customers real soon. whew!

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