Saturday, March 17, 2012

james bond textiles

I little while ago I had a hankering to make certain things....different to what we are doing, good idea but we need to sort out what we are up to first and how to sell it before new things happen.
Interestingly the Universe sent me someone who wanted just those things made- so at this stage very discretly I am working on what I wanted to experience, happy in that I can enjoy making, it will become work for our Ladie,  I have learnt a lot through being shown someone else's process and I don't have to work out how to find a home for them. It is very hush, hush because the boutique textile world worldwide is rather small, and can be very cloak and dagger I am learning, with some charming people swipes other's ideas and etc, etc, etc - all very James Bond and I think a few of them would even like "00" status.

As to my experience the Universe is a very generous place- it usually gives you just what you ask as my Grandmother used to say "Be careful what you wish for- you just might get it!"

Above is the back of a truck- we had to race up to Jaipur to see a mate and it caught my eye- enjoy the colour and pattern.
Our mate Hemant runs a family block print and indigo dye workshop- great guy and a bit of a mentor for us...we are chatting and planning a trip later in the year to look for handloom silk weavers on the other side of the country....we also keep saying we must collaborate on something one day- yes I hope so....finding time is hard at the moment but a trip to research will give us all time to talk and dream and who knows what the 3 of us will concoct.

 Roadside at a big truck stop area, small business farmers selling fresh cut lucerne for truckers to buy and feed a cow and so accrue good karma for the trip. LOVE India.
 Visitors to my garden and although I think these monkeys beautiful Idon't want them here! they will strip everything, luckily local kids were chasing them off and the were soon run out of the neighbourhood, no farmers want them around.

 Our Matilda finally had her calf- all went well and they are both looking very beautiful. It is a boy- Raja, not sure what we will do with him in the future but we will enjoy his beauty for now.
We have realised a little more about our business- Praveen and I are enjoying the making of  nice things, the process of getting everything found and in place to do so, the teaching of the Ladies to stitch, the running of the workshop with our male machine tailors and are not to fussed if it our design or someone else's bespoke work....I have been checking on how I feel as we go along - don't want to take a turn that is not where we want to go....but seems to me if we click with someone is is a pleasure to be able to work on their project for them, similar but different to working on our projects.
Our new workshopis very comfortable and private so we know we can keep things hush, hush as needed as well.
kushy, kushy or happy, happy !!

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