Friday, March 23, 2012

Syria and worries...

I woke up a few mornings ago having a real worry about mates in Syria- don't know how people are, when I have spoken on the phone I have been told they are OK....but can people talk? What do you tell yourself if you are in that situation?
Not only friends are at risk but so much world treasure and heritage is stored in the hands of some of the artisans we visit, some of the locations we see. These water wheels in Hama are working relics...they do moan, I wonder if it is at the stupidity of humanity?
I tried cruising the interent to see what info I could gleam Found this news site topix- it seems to gleam news from many sources so you hear from many angles- this article from a  russian newspaper  certainly gave another side.
Not at all sure of what to think- I have discreetly asked many of the people I know [before all this erupted] what they thought- most were of the opinion that they would prefer the improvemnets since Bashir has been in and the slow liberatization to the possiblity of civil unrest and/ or religious fanaticism. So all the stories can't be quite true.

What happens to the artisans that produce this beautiful work- heritage resides in their hands and hearts.
What happens to initiatives like the Arts Centre in Hama- resurrecting old tradtions suppoorting their continuance?
Out of the blue I got a message from a Syrian mate on FB- he is OK but members of his family living outside of Damascus have had to flee conflict. They don't know where to go? Perhaps try to immigrate?
Peace be with them all. What a relief to hear from at least one mate- another family I know have University age kids going to Uni in Hama- no word there.....

Of course not all is doom and gloom, my mates visiting form the UK brought me this amazing present. The catalogue for the exhibtion in London  [and now a full report of the exhibtion as they have been to visit!] I have the book on the end of the counter and so can dip in each day as I am getting ready to run out the door orin passing. The colour is what catches me most I can sink into his luscious soft paintings and colours- such a contrast to my dry world of dust.
This is a real treat.
More co-incidences- been having a little daydream and yes with me that can lead to an obsession of Bucharest to Budapest and low and behold when my mates were here they dropped off a book The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova- guess where it was set? All around that area- well written mystery based around Dracula, well researched and vivid descriptions of the area- already feel I know a little of Budapest and a great intorduction [fictional I know ] to a huge legend of the area. Just looked it up on Wiki and it is her first novel- wow would read anything else she has written since - she spins a good yarn.
Been madly getting ready for my Australia visit- much for sale at Ballarat Textiles Australia and TAFTAs event in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, also lots of business meetings to plot and plan new undertakings - a very busy schedule in all.....
Stitching like crazy on my Tactile Book- will have the first 8 ready totake with visit with me at one of the events for a good grope! [textiles of course!] and yesterday was New Moon. Workshop was closed and I have promised myself each time that happens I will work on my own stuff- being part of Voyage has helped firm up my resolve and yesterday I got all the machine sktching finished for my first peiece, now need to assemble it and join the group on the blog site.
Even though having a bit of a panic about a few things the other side of the coin is life is good.

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