Friday, April 27, 2012


Beyond exhausted- almost bitten off more they I could chew with that Oz trip, yet I enjoyed evey moment of it,
catching up with kids, seeing my mates, meeting lots of new people, talking to clients, seeing our clothes walk off on other people's backs....all a big yeh!!
Already realising I can't do this alone- Praveen and I thought it was sensible splitting tasks- he at the workshop/ me on the road, but we don't work at our best that way and I think we are getting worse....we miss each other so much when we are apart, also we are a real team show now and so used to working together....
Anyway- we had both already said Last Time alone when the Universe confirms it with a nightmare trip home- just delayed planes, bad weather and worries about making connections but enough to be un-amusing.
Same thing happened on my last teaching trip....after years of wandering and being very lucky with travel- it was also a horror story of missed connections and delays- enough confirmation for me new directions needed.

loved the quote above- good to remeber.
and Choose wisely
but most importantly actively do DO something
don't sit on the fence.

OK today is enourmous list making
is probably how I should say it, so many new ideas, orders and requests from clients, things to catch up on and new things to start
ohh and our first time putting in a proper Indian Tax return for our proprerly registered Indian business- only 3.5 years getting to this.
I have some lovely pictures and stories from the trip coming soon- so much to savour now I am on home turf [or sand as the case may be] :)

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Penny said...

glad you are home safely, even if it was all a bit fraught.
I have had so many wonderful comments about my jacket, so glad I left buying anything till the last minute and then you found it under the table for me. (Ballarat in case you dont remember.)