Thursday, April 19, 2012


this is a good oops not really a bad one, but never the less it needs to be corrected.
My mates son  Simon works for The Global Poverty Project, [ you can see my excuse in the similarity of names and area they are working in and he is a co-founder actually]
They work very hard initiating projects and lobbying governemnt to impliment real change to help or allow people to help themselves.
Working very much to the ideal of give a man or more importantly a woman and a man a fishing pole and he can feed himself [which is better for dinner a fish or a fishing pole???]
Click on the link above and you will go to their blog- sssooo inspiring.
From my experience people don't want charity they want the dignity of being able to work and look after themselves- just a chance at a FAIR bite at the apple we slurp away at so easily is mostly all that is needed.
Take a look at their work, become a little more informed, make a few wise little choices back home and you are contributing....soo easy if we all do the small things we can,
enjoy, appreciate and contribute- happy days!

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