Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gonna be HOT!!!

 This is the sun rise- 6.15 am and a mere 27'C- it's gonna be scary hot today.
 Yesterday at the workshop it felt like a flashback t othe days of Steiner School Teacher. Afternoon craft- keeping all the active boys busy with some purposeful activity. Even the Boss was out there learning a new skill.
 Good man- it is hard for him to be in the learner's seat in front of everyone. I think he is bigger for it.
 My man...

Running late for lunch we picked up street food in Ajmer....boy does India do fast food so well. Healthy.
Fresh  made chickpea curry/ sauce, fresh made soft flatbreads, spit and toasted, all topped with fresh chopped tomato, onion and corriander leaf.

Final special touch a spicy pickled chilli....not one food additive, all freshly made today, now in front of you.
Flavour to drool over and crave again, and again, and again....yes my latest favourite snack.

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