Sunday, May 13, 2012

a muddle

It is still quite early and still rather cool, but my mind just does not want to slip into gear....perhaps my lists are too long, perhaps yesterday's heat is still impacting....prehaps it is Sunday and I would just like a day off.
We only get 2 days off per month- and something always seems to come up...I want to dedicate them to a bit of my own stitching - got my Voyagers' Project to think of but, but, but....
oh well I am running away for a minute to write this.
And in my mind listing all the things I am happy with at the moment.
Look at what I have been playing with, it makes me happy to see things coming along...later today I have block print to pick up, start sorting, cutting and packing for a client/ friend in the UK- will tell more when she is ready, set to go....

 Scarves for ladies to stitch...always so good to have enough work to hand out to meet need, with things starting to sell more easily [thanks to distributors and shops getting to hear about us] we can start to think of taking on more ladies to train and give work to.
This is rather a delicate balance, we have to meet demand for sales but also if we start with a lady we want to be able to ensure continuous work for her at the pace which suits her. Enough when we are slow and not demanding more than she can comfortabley and with care do when we have a demands on us. No easy task.
 New idea concocted with Mandie Chandler [our Tasty Old Chooks girl also runs a fabulous Spinner and Weaver supplies -love the name Ewe Give me the Knits!] so we are putting our heads together on clothes....but a lot of energy is created and we have brain stormed a whole other list of things to do. She is hot into the Renegade Spinners and Weavers crowd- concocting lots of luxury spins with various things and was moaning about how difficult it was to get silk to add in...well  that is something we can handle here easily....and once we have it sorted will create work for a lady or 2 as well. yippee!!
 Ranjit, he is Storeroom manager and a whole lot more for us. A really good lad, he takes on what ever we the moment even milking Matilda until Parveen gets a handle on it.
Here he is doing the first runs of the new silk spinners threads. got to cost, time and weigh it all sort out packaging etc. Then we can handle the work onto a few creation- music to my ears.
Ahh thanks for listening....started to settle down and come into to another day in our sweat shop :) Temp jumped 5'C 2 days ago and ain't coming down so avaeraging at least 40'C [112'F] for the next few months ....
happy, happy to you :)

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