Wednesday, May 09, 2012

a melt down...

 Quite literally a melt down, we had an un-expected thunderstorm last night that actually produced a good down pour- not just a dust storm and today it is sssossoooooooo humid. Look at the wet leaves but my little Chortu braved shell deep water to come and get his tomato dinner.
 The metaphoric meltdown started today....all the stick on labels I so carefully tag my sari silk with I sell on etsy is loosing its labels at a rather quick trying to keep tabs of what I have in stock is becoming a bit of a nightmare. Lucky Ranjit, our store room manager has drawn the short straw, Praveen is in Delhi doing a family run or it would have been him! He will have to go through the bags tomorrow and staple the numbers to a corner, so the %$####&! things can't fall off.

 Working on some new product for Pukka Desirables - a patchwork scarf based on the same idea as our Kimonos [sorry these pictures don't seem half as rich in colour as the scarf I have here]....

 and having a big re-think over this bag....I love the shape of it- so user friendly and the richness of all that stitch but it does end up rather expensive because of that...trying to modify the stitched element so it still seems so rich without it actaully being as expensive to produce.

 And this little Dillie Bag is making me very happy- the women's stitch is wonderful. For years this size is all I ever carried, you sling it across your chest and so it does not get in the way but is secure- it will take a good sized wallet, pen and phone and NO mountains of crap....perfect.
I did start taking these pictures to take one of our new postie bag- I was packing one to send onto a friend and seem to have got it wrapped before pictures- all I can say is brain fried!!

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