Tuesday, June 05, 2012

just horrible

Sunday started like normal, this to do, that to do, Nandu came over to help make ghee and Rekha who cleans the house had a giggle trying to learn how to do the churning....Karlu the young man who looks after our animals was late for work and I thought "oh naughty boy" which is also just like usual.
He is a nice young man, pleasant and looking after a widowed Mum and 3 or 4 little sisters. He could be a bit vague sometimes, but I got Rangit from the workshop to have a few words with him- get with the programme, learn new things and you can improve your life. We had started taking him to work at the workshop when we were busy- if he picked up those skills he would earn a better income than farm work. Last month or 2 we had been very pleased with his progress,
Then mid morning a phone call. He was dead.
How can he just be dead?- he was 18, laughing the night before, proudly using his English to say "Good Night ma'am" like he DID. hard to think past tense still, expect him to rock up a bit sheepish "sorry ma'am for late"
It won't happen.
Not sure whathappened- he was fine the evening before,
Woke up in morning and felt a bit crook, weak and fuzzy eye sight so Mum took him to some temple back in 3 hours and dead 15 minutes after he got home.
Sounds a bit like a stroke.
He had a tooth problem 2 weeks ago and he came to us- asking what to do? so we sent him off to doctor….fixed.
I think if they thought it was doctor problem they would have asked???? That I am not sure of that and it worries me.
Round here village people are just as likely to think evil eye and go to temple.
Whichever way he died suddenly, there is a widow Mum and 3 or 4 very young sisters left. Mum was hysterical, doctor sedated her, Praveen will go over tonight and see how she is.
We will help with the funeral [all the guys at the workshop are kicking in as well] and after that we will make sure she gets a food parcel each month.
Still trying to find out more info and think what to do, thanks for offers of help. :)
A few mates who have heard have offered to help out - which is great.
Mum is a simple village woman, hard enough a widow, a son like Karlu was a godsend as he was  adutiful son- just last week we had had some flour milled and Praveen sent a few kilos to his Mum, there was such a happy smile on Karlu's face as he was taking the bag home, telling me Bhai-ji [Praveen] had given it to him, every second day after ghee making he happy grabs a couple of litres of buttermilk to take home.
Small things, almost nothing to us but a poor family, a very poor family felt great pleasure at receiving them.
He was very pleased to take them home for his Mum.
Soo sad,
we want to help people,but I suppose for me that has been in the realm of fair pay for fair work - we work this way always with a laugh and good vibes.
This is a big dash of reality seeing how poor a family can be and how much in need. How fragile life is and how un-expectedly it can be snuffed out. Karlu's Mum does not have the where withal Nandu has to struggle to supoort herself.
We are just trying to sort out a way we can see she has a chance.
ohhh how hard life can be some days.
Take care and be kind to people

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