Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Life goes on...thankfully

Life does go and there is much to be thankful for.
On Sunday we lost someone and with in the hour someone else came into our lives. Rangit [the young man on the left, our very capable store room manager and right hand man became a father. He and his wife Angelie welcomed their first child a boy into the world. Mum and baby doing well.
After Karlu's wake we will take time to celebrate properly [ usually it happens around 20 days after arrival] here.

 We make about 5 kilo of yoghurt a day and every second day butter making happens.
 Butter churning is in full action Nandu, in pink and famous as our block print lady also knows about butter churning. Here she is showing Reckha who does cleaning for us how to make butter.

 It is hard work and Nandu has been working through everyone here- getting them to learn and take a turn, The big swizzle stick is suspended via the straps and you have to keep it straight and centred whilst you act like the engine on oyur blender and spin 6 or 7 kilos of yoghurt around.

 Not an easy the end we have many litres of buttermilk. Everyone here loves buttermilk- so some goes to the workshop to be had with dinner, everyone involved in butter making takes litres and then the rest gets given to staff andf local people.
Some mornings there is a small line at the back door of people with a kettle to collect some.
Good, good nutrition in buttermilk as well as delicious and refreshing in hot weather.

Praveen then turns the butter into ghee, which her swears is Indian health food. It gives him great satisfaction to play milk, yoghurt and ghee maker. The ghee we send to family in Delhi and now are storing the next 3 weeks worth for the baby celebrations for Ranjit. You will notice Praveen is strickly forbidden to eat heaps of it- it is not Australian heathfood and he has had heart problems.
Every so oftern I soften and make him Biriani and put a table spoon full over the top. It is delicious but very far from everyday.
OHHH and, a big 'and', Praveen's 2 youngest boys are staying with us for a few weeks of the school holidays...this is a big one as it is being thought that they may come to us to go to school.
Huge changes perhaps. A part of me [and Praveen as well] love our alone-ness. Fulfilling family responsibilities at a distance but the boys will grow up and especially the middle one Monish, without a Papa's guiding and hand is the type to get up to big mischeif.
Perhaps taking them on now, we will see they stick at their schooling, better guide their growing up and have a lot of fun along the way. Many details to sort out, but things are going well.
Happy day to you, be kind to someone :)

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