Friday, July 20, 2012

Pukka Desirables

 Absolutely buzzing with excitment! The first batch of stitching of our new idea came in this morning- couldn't wait to lay them out together to see the effect.
I love quilts, I love the western tradition of patches being joined together, I love the Indian tradtion of stitch....I feel like we are really starting to get them to sing togther.
I can see such possibilties to play with here.
Above is the silk side, below is the handloom side.
These will make great quilts / decorative throws.

 Here is the washing- just bragging- my day off and I spent it washing....exhasting but not so bad when it is such loveliness I was working on.

Washing the second hand saris- gets the starch out, any food marks and quickly sorts out the silk from the "silky" Silk wrinkles like crazy when washed. Our sari guy will take any back that we reject- win, win all around.
Whew! back at work today [generator going which makes it so hard to think!!] and can't wait to start playing with a few more ideas and new samples.

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