Sunday, July 22, 2012

turning inside out...

 Well I did  think paperwork woes Indian style were finished because we had our first company tax done- stupid me.
We need one more piece of paper from a different governemnt department [ and yes we are a completely registered business and have done our first tax even...] but there is some hiccup and a meeting ahs to be held. If/when we get registration we can join the Government Handicrafts Export Association and apply to participate in a trade fair in Delhi....and so hope to drum up more business.
We have a lovely time here making things but really could do with a bit more work for our own income levels....and it would enable us to employ more people- teh BIG double bonus of the whole affair.
 As you know I have been squarking about us getting our head around our clear direction- we have been madly working up a few samples.....and I have been thinking of ways to use our stitch. Hand stitch will allow us to employ the largest amount of women.
I love quilts and comforters- always loved the traditional patterns [Love log cabin like crazy- think it is something to do with the warm heart in the middle- represented by a red square]
but I do hate it dawned on me - use stitch to catch the feel.
I am also looking at patterns where I can get a dramatic effect but actually reduce the amount of stitches which will help us find a lower price point for some of our range....
This is  the beginnings of a take on Log cabin...ignore my mucky stitching and the fact I could not work out where to go at first- the idea is starting to jell.
 I have had this image of a tradtional quilt form the region- I can see how I can translate it as well.
Then the bag panles we have been doing- I can give a structure and a stencil to get it on the fabric and arrange the palette by the treads given but then hand it over to the women to arrange the colours. This will add their touch most definitely to the work and
I am so excited!!collaboration will be developing.
Each quilt will be individual as part of a developing series.
We already have started labelling all our work with the man who used the machine and the women who used the needle.....this will bring it up a notch.

Comments if you have a momnet on quilt sizes would be greatly appreciated
I am thinking Cosy Comforter  style Throws 150 cmx 150cm [5' x5']
Generous Bed quilt 210 x 210 cm [7'x7']
and a single bed topper 150 x 180 cm [5'x 6']

sound right?

Just had morning tea to the side of all these saris- should have seen the young assistant Pelaad's face when it dawned on him- they would all need pressing before we could start cutting.
I am waiting impatiently to get the first sample from Dastrath of the new patchworked sari silk throws to start and stitch into- very yummy I think they will be....
bet to get back to drwaing and stitching....
Happy Sunday.
Ohh last night was an Oprah in India show on [I am sure the rest of the world saw it years ago]
She is a great woman- so inspiring and I think she picked up on India it's potential and woes rather well. Fabulous seeing her interview Deepak Chopra as well. a buzz :)

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