Friday, July 13, 2012

workshop and work

 I love our workshop. I love making things. I love working with others to make their ideas come alive through our workshop. I love creating work for local people.
I especially love creating women's work and a space for them to work....that is where our heart is really at.

 Praveen and I have survived our first company tax assessment- ooooohhhhh the paperwork necessary in this country!
We are seeking admission now to variuos associations in India- the Handicrafts Export something or other etc so we can participate in trade shows in Delhi, a fair trade accreditation group...
we have a homebase, we have paperwork all sorted to be totally legal, we can export, we have ladies wanting work.
We now really need to find some leads to do just that.
 Been having huge brainstorms thsi week [heat is gone, boring paperwork/ tax put to bed] we can get onto dreaming.
We have our secret project -lots of handstitch and women's work we will tell you all about when the owner is ready to launch- really starting to hum,
we have ladies coming in house to us for this work and this is so great.
Yes we will still smaller work going to ladies at home, but with a dedicated women's space here we can give work
we can give the women some time out from home duites, we supply a full lunch so that is one thing less they have to worry about in the morning....we will be able to do more on the educational front in the long run...
I want to use more handloom [especially from groups we know personally], more blockprint, more handstitch in varoious forms....this is my pin board and what I am currently playing with on the samples front - Pukka Components Textured handloom stitched into with the silk sari rip yarns.....on the right, will become a cushion centre and a piece of blockprint I am stitching into...think it has huge potential...this will become a cushions centre....
Bring on the opportunities to create more women's work please Universe!!
we are all ready to go :)

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