Monday, August 27, 2012

Rain is still here-

 Rain is still here and it dawned on me last night  I was not taking the time to appreciate what a blessing it is and how beautiful it makes our world.
 I have been totally focused on trying to wash and dry fabric for the workshop- nothing dries even inside under the fan!], print instructions for our new bag kits [ink bleeds and paper goes soggy] find saris and wash them for new stitching work [sari market dwindles when it rains and then when you finally find them you can't wash them becuse they won't dry].
This year the rain was late coming, hardly any insects have hatched but mould is running rampet...I am trying to set the house up all beatiful because when we are away 2 tour groups will be visiting and I want it to look nice. We have deputised Ranjit to be our host and he will do a great job, but I want to know we have helped as much as possible leaving the house perfect.
Anyway stressing over things I can't change won't help.
 So I stopped for a few seconds to look at the beautiful sunset- none of the photos picked up the extraudinary range of hues in the light....what was interesting was the difference in colours the photos did pick up- it is all in the angle you look through.
Interesting observation that???
 As I mentioned our first company tax was anything but simple and took two months to sort out...Tis a bit of the Indian way to fiddle around and  normally these days I can live with it...but this time we needed it now, to then do our personal tax and have all htese mountains of paper to present for a visa for Praveen [or his offivial name Kanhiya Lal] to visit Australia.
We have a number of clients to visit and work to follow up on, both in the Stitching workshop realm and the tours and students study groups realm.
A rather large bonus will be my son David's wedding and 3 days later my best friend's daughter's wedding, all such happy and exciting events to share.
so please get out rabbit's foots, lucky charms, beseach any God you hold know alll good vibes that it is granted.
 Our visiting Fiona was such a blessing, we are both wishing we had kept her captive- lovely company and fabulous samples for our Ladies to follow. This is a new idea coming along. Block print on light hand loom, backed onto heavy weight handloom half to be black and half to be white, then stitched together. It is going to be one amazing reversable quilt I think. we are very appreciative of her company and help, keeping captive sounds a bit know what I mean?
It is rather wonderful becuase we are here- friend's of friends or even someone who has simply found us on the internet will come to visit. Generally a lovely experience.
OK off to Delhi tonight to put in visas- may we be is a lot of work to run away from home for 2 weeks mostly work and a weekend of joys- I do hope we are successful.
Australia advertises on the TV here come visit, when we tried about 6 years ago Praveen was rejected because they thought he would run away and hide....never have we wanted to live there, just visit family and now work connections as well. Many things have changed so hopefully success.

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