Thursday, August 23, 2012

A little rain...

 A little rain and our whole world changes...but isn't life like that? A little hope, a little positive thought, a small positive action and your whole outlook changes....chenge the outlook and the wrld changes too.
 India is a bit challenging some days...we might have finally got all our tax sorted yesterday- yes I know I have mentioned it for the last 2 months because I was hopeful we had succedded and then another glitch, another question and another delay....paperwork is unbelievable!!! How anything ever happens in this country is quiet a mystery. I have gone past frustration to hyserical laughter coping with running over the mountain to Ajmer and accountants every few days. It means nearly half a day disappearing to do this...and you know we still have a business to run, ladies to see, materials to procure and etc, etc, etc not to mention correspondence to keep up with [ sorry anyone I owe and email to :) ] and tours to work on.....
 Tortoises are reliable, they hear your voice and stand at the back steps demanding, yes demanding tomatoes. Plenty of grass with the rain and they got over the brick surround ot one garden bed and ate all the new bean plants but still they want tomatoes!!
Work is starting to accumualte, we are building up demand and could start to train a few new ladies but it is nerve wracking to contemplate as we want to keep up work supply to the ladies on the books as well...and we are still learning what to expect in work load....
a few weeks ago women were always after us for more work, more work, more work and now we have need of a whole heap the rain has come which brings all types of distractions. Cool weather [yes down to a freezing 24'C today and peeople in shawls] brings colds and belly upsets, feild work  with the chance of a crop and extra cleaning with mud tracked inside....where are stitching ladies when you need them?

Lots of pressures but attitude towards them is up to us...Praveen and I like a happy time so we do sqabble but generally are getting better and better at working togther and reacting in a positive way to these challenges and keeping on keeping on.
You can laugh or cry....and you can choose which of these you do even if it does take a bit of self training. I know I used to react in a pretty firey way to many things, I choose not to any more- which does not mean burying things just choosing to see the lighter side and get on with it.
Makes for a much better experience of life, oyu know?
Happy days to you
Fiona :)

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