Sunday, November 11, 2012

Diwali comes...

The week is blurring past, so much to do is a familiar refrain and now we have only days to go before Diwali [think Indian version of Christmas with a lot more sweets, fireworks and best of all advertising for it ONLY starts a few weeks before not months before!!]

Divali is to do with welcoming prosperity into your life, the whole house and workshop will be lit by small divya [lamps] and all doors left open so she may come through, finishing off all negative things that have accumulated through the last year, and cleaning and painting your house as well if you can manage.

Giving of sweets to all who work for you is vitally important and the quality of the sweets and which shop they came from....quite a mine field to negotiate if you don't know the ins and outs of it all.
This year we have elected to go with Kaju Kutly [cashew sweets] they are the queen of all sweets at this time, the most expensive and NO One will be able to complain, even if it is not their favourite it is too ritzy to whinge about [I say all this because boy did we have whinges from staff last year buying what we thought were very nice mixed sweet boxes].
So we have 40 kg in half kilo packages and have been catching up with all our Stitching Ladies to deliver, the workshop staff and home people will be supplied on Tuesday evening.
A huge undertaking for bosses at Diwali...still we hope a bit of pleasure for those we work with.

I must mention the actual sweet- it is is so nice you can eat far too many and then have a sore tummy. I know because that is just what I did the other day....and yet the one small box we have at home keeps calling to me saying come and have another...if it was a cartoon there would be those waves of addiction reaching out across the house tickling my will tummy is still sore so I have to mantain the rationing!!
 We found an old wall nearby and photgraphed a whole heap of our quilts for our new website...we were both so thrilled to see what they look like...
 Nandu has printed up some lovely handloom for us and we have a new bag design or 2 to try out...Baba was so funny thinking they were food. Notice the camel cart underneath- it has been attacked with paint for Diwali. No way I could explain I actually prefer the old rustic look it had pre- bright blue it even has red additions [yuk!] but everyone else is well impressed and with a chaptit so is the camel.
 My office had everything turfed much stuff and cleaned and sorted...this is the last spot in the workshop to get the treatment and I think I had twice as much as everyone else....still we are all sorted for the new year to come....let the Goddess of Prosperity grace our home and workshop :)
New website is progressing only slightly faster than the Passenger Pigeon...internet speed is so slow at the moment....still it is up, many things are listed and the doors are open for selling. I wonder how we light lamps in the website as well? It is after all our new retail premises?

Happy Diwali to you, clean away all that is unfinished and negative from the last year, let it go and light up for a new and prosperous year to come :)
all the very best wishes fro Fiona and Praveen


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Dijanne Cevaal said...

Happy Diwali to you! I feel like she should run through my house as well- but don't get home until next week.