Tuesday, November 13, 2012

quilt obsessions

This is our favourite wall for picturing quilts....which is fine, but now we are realising the sun moves so fats as it changed angle from day to day that our doorway to photograph seems to becoming smaller. We have to be out there by the time the light is just so bright and finished by the time it jumps the garden wall....which is earlier today than just a few days ago....
 This is spurring Praveen onto working out studio lighting so we have more control and more time options [ the room we will use is out the back so will be at the mercy of electricity supply but it has to be an improvement on where we are at at present - please just say yes to that one...I wish to be optomistic!
 Did something to the pictures today- the blue quilt #24 [hand stitch by Om, Hem and Suman by the way- we are diligently tracking names- we want everyone to know those who are doing great work]
this is a really siny silk but more a soft sheen than the pictures give you- do you knwo silk is sssssoooo hard to photograph it reflects light so much.
 Been working hard at trying to get some of the ladies to play a little with the colours...difficult because beauty here is very organized and it takes a certain confidence and concentration to make it happen.
I like the livliness it brings to the surface...this silk is warp purple and weft old gold so the tried putting the squares togther one by one with the gold or purple up which gives a subtle colour change as well. [Quilt #23 Kashish and Usha swinging needles, Shaquil machining]

This is a hearts quilt [quilt #22 stitched by Om, Hem and Suman; Shaquil on the machine work]  I have been dragging everywhere trying to do justice to the colour- the dark is an inky purple and the grey is a lovely lavendar grey...a really opulant quilt....andother place we have used for pictures is the steps into my vegatable garden, l;ike is not bad here for longer in the morning....
Oh I wish we could magically find a good photographer....perhaps we need a new camera too....
life goes on
Happy Diwali

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