Thursday, December 06, 2012

Photographs and website

Nothing ever happens fast in India....delays seem to be the norm for everythiong! and then when something finaaly arrives it often needs to be 'adjusted' Fiona screaming with frustration...when I ordered a 50cm square pillow insert why would I want a want an insert that is 49 x is not even a square....answer ohh well we had a bit of extra fabric. Melt down, count to 10, count to 20....count to 100000000000000   you get it.

 Anyway for all that this week has seen some headway as well....we have finally started to get it together for photographs....we now have tagged a few locations that seem to work rather well, yes we have to further explore the Baba angle as well.
These are new silk throws we have made....the first 2 I am looking at feeling a bit nostalgic for Australia, they really bring back the Bush to me....and then the next one comes and Praveen draws a big breath - ahh peacock colours- yes that is nice....his visual associations are all India.

 Finally, finally, finally got our first Bag Kits all packaged....Terri in Alaska suggested them ages ago- using the women's hand stitched panels, hand loom cotton and blockprint...our mate Anne in the UK designed them, we packed them here in India and they travel to you over there to make....a little project we called "Threads Across the Ocean"- got a few more ideas up our sleeve. First ones of course went to Anne, and then some to Terri and soon on our website and etsy...whew!!

 Funny photo of Om from Banseli was hot so she made a new hat using some of our sqaures...and I caught her on the phione camera- she has the best laugh.
Another new idea...this feels lovely on- 2 layers of handloom fabric and a bit of stitch to to change the closure to a tie...shape is good to explore other finishes as welll- getting there.
We hope to be doing a Trade show in february so madly working on samples...we have been looking at registraion with an Internationally recognized Fair Trade Organization- we meet all the criteria as far as I can see....but boy are they expensive by Indian levels of income....not sure what to do...will keep looking and asking questions.
We rty to be transparent in our poerations...part of this blog as well, and any visitors we show all to but I think some type of registration would be a good assurance for overseas shops and clients....tell me waht you think on this I do not know the climate out there.
Sometimes living in a small village in Rural India is a looooooonnnnnggggg way away form anywhere.

Oh and oh joy oh bliss Tasty Old Chooks Clothes is finally alive and kicking again...I had a website melt down and so have started with a new provider....starting to look the business- a little more pressing and photographs and we will be there with asystem in place... have not quite got the web adress right but all is working...let me know if you notice typos- please....
OK off for more photgraphs and picture loading headway at last.

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Sujata Shah said...

Hi Fiona,
Thanks for stopping by on my blog. I would LOVE to stop by for a cup of tea if it was physically possible. I have been reading your blog for a while. It makes me nostalgic every time I visit here.
Please send me your email address. I need to inquire a few things.
Sujata Shah