Wednesday, January 09, 2013

the light

The light at this time of the year is beautiful...and the temperature is 1'...which means my house inside is the same temp as a refrigerator!! Not nice. This is from the back step towards the sun...


and this is 1 minute later from the side gate away from the sun- we usually walk in the morning as the sun rises and watching the soft lilac shades on those hills in the disatnce move and change is a welcome distraction to the biting cold.
I do not take my camera with me when I walk, nor do I take many snaps in the neighbourhood. In the morning , well I can tell for certain we are the only house near abouts who has inside toilets....everyone but us has to go out and find a likely tree or it would feel rather weird to be out taking pictures....even walking; as I pass houses I am very careful to keep my eyes on the road...rather than looking around too get why?
Later in the day -well locally I am starting not to be particularly noticed...I don't want to be seen as a camera toting tourist....

I got this wonderful email a few days was a real buzz to recieve....all the things I love about my design seem to be a hit with our client as very satisfying.
Hello Fiona,
I was a member of the pary ......... brought to your home for a cooking lesson in January last year.
While I was there I bought a Pukka Desirables bag (see photo attached).  I have used it every day, non stop, since then, and I want to tell you how wonderful it is.
There  is no obvious wear in the fabric, and all the seams are sound.  The carrying handles, remarkably, still do their job with no sign of strain or detachment.
The decorative panel is in as good order as when I bought it, and has been greatly admired.
The two pockets without zips are perfect for keys, glasses, and cell phone - big enough, deep enough that things never fall out, and don't bulge when full of useful things.
The inside zip is  perfect for tucking away a little purse with important cards in it.
The outside zips all work well and provide lots of places to separate things that are needed for a while.
And of course the bag itself is capacious enough for my needs, which can sometimes be quite a load.  It will take a small file of A4 sheets, unfolded.  Fantastic!
ne handle of the bag got tangled up with some spilt 'worm pee' which has a very strong agricultural smell.  After trying to rinse out the smell several times I decided the whole bag must be washed.  I just left it upside down to dry naturally.  It needed no extra attention but was pressed back into service as soon as it was dry.  And perfectly sweet-smellng once again!
Fiona, I never go overboard writing to people about how wonderful their product is.  Never.  But I have got so much pleasure from this elegant and hugely useful bag, and you are so far away from your customers you probably don't get a lot of feedback.  So here is some for you!
...... is bringing a new party through India later this month.  I hope they come to visit you.  I thoroughly enjoyed the purchasing, the cooking, the eating - and of course purchasing my special bag.
Very kind regards to you and your husband, camel, workers, and menagerie,
It was so kind of her to write- I really value the feedback AND I am so pleased she likes all those details...I use the same bag daily and also find it so convenient and useful. Useful is the word I really like to see- life should be easy...useful things help that along.
What a buzz this note was for our day- :)
May your be as buzzy.

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