Sunday, January 06, 2013

no pictures?

I had some beautiful images of a very chilly sunrise to share but blogger is not in the mood today? Who knows why. Probalbly too cold- I can understand that.

Oh and I had a few other interesting things as well...think I will come back later for a chat when I can add in all I would like- have a happy Sunday.
Back out to the sun to stitch....
Already had one little triumph today and there is no image available anyway.
I am sitting out in the sun with Mumtah-ji and Sanju-ji, the 2 women who hand stitch [it is freezing out of the sun- mind you] and it is morning tea time,
Maya-Madam is putting out the mat for tea...
well the ladies get up to move away as the guys will come out to have tea.
I make a big joke and move the men's mat further aside and  say "Hey sit aside!" with a bit of a flourish so they will laugh. "I will sit in the middle and we will all sit here togther in the sun!"

Everyone comes out, Madu-madame from the machine room joins the women and we ALL sit in the sun.
Madu is good value- she must be around 40, she has a son who is at University...husband up and left and to keep the son in Uni she is desperate to work...which I think is why she took on this work. She is also no shy violet and was happy to chat across with the guys....
Jokes all around about new work rules here.
Ladies and Gents equal....good headway.

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