Sunday, January 20, 2013

positive attitude....

Last week was frustrating and annoying to say the least- and thank you for all the supportive words I really do appreciate it:)
So we were working very hard at keeping a positive attitude and getting on with things
and counting our blessings and appreciating them..
1. first small shipment to our new distributor in Alaska USA - Terri Mitchell- a big cheer. More details in the coming week as we get things up on websites.
2. another big parcel to our Australian distributor Jen at A Piece of Cloth [11 pieces of paperwork to be found, filled out, stamped, recorded in triplicate and signed to send off each parcel under our export licence- nearly one whole tree]
3. ticking off much paperwork and details to do with our tours.....before our Creative Arts Safaris Tour business was registered in India, it was registered under my name in those days I could do all the paperwork, send money overseas to make payments and keep my tax up to date from my laptop anywhere in the world...;and still maintain quite a busy travel  and teaching schedule.
Now we are settled in India and all registered, stamped, and shackled here it takes me, Praveen and a part time office guy as well as a forest of trees and an accountant and a lot of help from the bank manager to do the same amount of work a lot more slowly and with a lot more gnashing of teeth. OHH India.
Still we are succeeding, and we have found some new contacts for bookings which have allowed us to keep our tour prices almost the same for the last few years, which I think is quiet an acheivement.

So we spent 2 whole days fiddling pieces of paper, blah, blah, blah to get a few more things for Morocco ticked off the list; chatting with the accountant we mentioned we had sent off the first fully papered parcels under our export licence and she had a look on her face of genuine pleasure and no little surprise congratulating us. A fully registered business for only one and a half years [not to mention the 2 years before that finding out how to become a fully registered business] and we had achived use of our export licence- she was impressed. Crikey!!

Balm to our soul is the Stitching Ladies at Banseli- as group they are great to work have seen some of our silly pictures before- always a lot of laughs and cheekiness...yesterday was more serious we had given the women a new design to work on- tricky to get looking good the first time...and so they had things to show us, advice to ask and checking to see how they were going...we sssssosoooooooo apprecaite their attitude.

This morning during our morning walk I was trying to put a good spin on missing out on the Trade Fair, the amount of paperwork required to do anything, the labarynth we are constantly winding our way through working out how to do things, realising I am kind of experiencing an instant karma thing living in India...I am prompt in my thinking and getting work done, I am impatient, I know with fiddling around and wasting time and here I live in the world of time wasting and fiddling around. Deal with it because girl you don't want to live anywhere else!! [well I would not mind Paris if they had camel parking, otherwise out in the sticks of Rajasthan is heaven]

would you believe this email just came in- 10.00am Sunday morning


08 – 11 FEBRUARY 2013


Dear Sir,


            This is has reference to your request for participation. Kindly note your stand no. allotted to you is as follows:


Stand No. { G-01/07 } 

Size { 9 }

Side { 2 }

Hall no. { }


                         *A detailed Allotment letter is being issued by the Council along with the Layout of the Stand, Exact Size & Dimensions and the statement of balance payment in continuation to this letter in due course. 
Pinch me- am I reading this correct? I have read it to Praveen twice and checked a few more times- wow!!
Oh to panic or not to panic- 18 days to get everything ready and in place and pray, pray, pray for orders...we want work for us and our ladies.
So I am off to have a quick panic- have a nice Sunday you all :)
stunned mullet look on face here



Ginny Huber said...

I think I missed all the frustration of your last week but this one is full of excitement and good news and sorting outs; good luck getting things ready! Looks like you have chosen wisely to live in the sticks of Rajastan even if they get camel parking in paris!

Sue Dennis said...

A great outcome Fiona. The Gods must have been smiling!