Saturday, February 16, 2013

ooohhh India

 We have clouds, it has been a few hours now and I am pining for sun....last night a huge wind came up- my 18inch thick house walls were thinking of swaying- how do my neighbours cope in houses made of sticks? I would be miserable and even though they can teach me a thing or two about looking on the bright must be really hard on cold, dark windy raining night to cope. My heart goes out for those less fortunate.
 My Baba has perfected the sad and sorry camel look, add to that being wet and he really thought he should be indulged with chapatis....
 trying to feed him and take his picture- he thought he might taste the camera- you never know it might be tasty....
 Nahhhh does not smell right- so what is there to eat?  He has become such a sweetie to me- still give Old Budda-ji a bit of a nip now and again, though.
Look quick! my garden is all green and tall and luscious and lovely....if we are luck we will have another month, perhaps 2 and then it will be a dry crisp again...
Things happening.
  • Lisa Taylor from the UK has been visiting for a bit of plotting and planning- look at her interesting to see yourself through someone else's eyes. Love the workshop photo- I need to get a copy- just scan back a bit
  • She is off to stay at Arts Reverie in Ahmedabd- this would be a fantastic place for a arty types should really consider it Ahmedabad has a wonderful arts/ crafts scene- it is where we went to the conference in Novemeber
  • My mate Karen has set up a new business- based in Vancouver, Canada she will travel far and wide- she is a consultant for Cross-Dressers. A stylish and arty woman herself who has many friends and much experience helping friends find their true style she is now spreading her stlye, understanding and loving consideration much further afield. Stay tuned as it all comes to fruition. Waiting for more info, website etc. It is all about being who you truely are...if you are true to yourself, life does free up and open up a lot more for you. What you put on the outside does not change the core person but is certainly a reflection of them. I live in the village, respect what the local women like to wear but there is no way I am going to wear a veil. I like to wear trousers, they might think me a bit manly but I do do it what the heck. If a bloke wants to embrace the feminine in himself why shouldn't he? Yeh! be yourself :)
  • Stitching Ladies here- I had better go to work :) We have a few new tweaks on our work to try out for new samples for possible new got 2 of my most flexible Ladies Usha and Kashish taking away stuff to give it a whirl...once they make a nice stitch sample we will be able to use it as a stitch guide for new garments....all is step by step here...takes a minute ot 2 to work out the steps sometimes.

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