Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our first Trade Fair

Pictures are doing something weird and all jumbling up....a bit how I feel.
All was exciting, all was exhausting and now there is so much to do I am not sure what to start on first.....
above old Buda-ji a bit worried over us going so far away- gorgeous fellow....animals are in safe hands while we are away.

As pleased as punch with ourselves....seeing all our designs out there.
and would you believe after all the will we get in, we won't, oh we are....we were right in the front door new the Registration desk- FRONT and CENTRE!! amazing...the Gods are kind.

Ok still pleased the next day- had a bit of a re-arrange to show off the quilts a bit better. Simple, cheap bamboo ladders were the basis of our stall furniture and they worked wonderfully well.
I love our Stack...says it all....
The fine art of delegation, Praveen is a master...and was rousing on me when I was being un-indian and getting in the way of our helpers and getting my hands dirty.
The firewarden and Uncle-ji both kindly gentlemen. Uncle-ji organized everything for us and after a million phone calls asking Praveen every detail it all went so smoothly. Great man happy to have his help again.

Got a chance to stitch a bit and dream a lot....I have an idea for an Exhibition "Talking Needles- Hopes and Dreams"
some will be my work but most exciting for me is an idea of how to involve our Ladies in the project.
They are happy to ahve work, as they have seen finished articles [ there work comes to them as pieces we later assemble- more manageable  size and just how things go together] and when i have brought my tourist photos are textile events home to them they have been very interested to see the foreign ladies....
an exhibtion with a video loop running of them greeting the visiotrs and the recording the visitors greeting them...which I could show back here would close a loop of Stitching Ladies meeting Ladies interested in Stitch from afar....does this all make sense?

Need to find a venue, write it up a bit more clearly and see...
it opens itself up to being even more interactive with Stitched work exchanged....more plotting and planning needed. Need a taextile group or 2 interested in an exchange
I know it would be interesting to you out there and very interesting to our Ladies and helpful to open their world a little wider, increase there idea of further a field and appreciate what is thought of their stitching and the role stitch plays for other people.

ohh to get back to things...we have a group of Stitching Ladies arriving in Delhi tonight- travelling with Gillian Travis we have organized a tour for them and an embroidery workshop with Sanju of Bihar- stayed tuned for pictures- we are so excited to have her visit our home and to actually learn form her is a great privaledge....
and Morocoo Tour to work on details, Rajasthan Tour is almost full/ completely full....samples, samples, smaples to do for new clients....oooohhhhhh the to do list is doing my head in.....and need to plan post Moroco- Praveen and I having 10 days in France doing teh leg work for a textile tour next years and it ahs been years now I miss Paris.....and we have good leads on co-ops in Lucknow for chickankari embroidery, handloom in Agra area....and so much more
Ooops sorry I am raving a bit- need to steady off and do things.
See ya

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Ginny Huber said...

Hrd not to "rave on" a bit when so much is happening and possible! Lovely post; so glad the Trade show went well and tht you ahve all these ideas; I am trying to catch up writing posts and reading them and am glad I saw your today!