Saturday, March 23, 2013

Conserve India

Mates at Conserve India doing a superb job- take a look

At Conserve, we upcycle waste to fashion and home products and in doing so connect waste-pickers to fashion designers and boutiques.

Located in Delhi, India, we have been selling products that have been featured at the London Fashion Week as well as the Ethical Fashion show in Paris. Our products are sold in over 600 stores in Europe and the US.


We collaborate with International Designers and design Schools to create products that meet market standards of current fashion, workmanship and durability. Examples of such collaboration include


We also white label our goods where appropriate.


Further information is available at You could also use the link below to get an overview of our Project at


You can access our latest catalogue by clicking on





We are hoping we could work together to help expand your markets and our impact.  


Warm Regards,

Shalabh Ahuja

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