Friday, March 22, 2013

Delhi and back again

Do you see those pictures - they are side ways???
Why? I wonder; I used my new phone and all the pictures when they down-loaded were turned I corrected then, yet when I add them here they go back to the side....I am up-loading hoping they will straighten out when they hit the big screen.
Some days the mysteries of the Universe are just too much to contend with :)
Made a flying visit to Delhi to put in a Spain/ France visa application for Praveen [ be so thankful if you come from the One Third world all doors are open to you...if you come from the Two Thirds world most doorways are extremely difficult to access]
Pray for us, get out the rabbit's foot, we went on a Wednesday- Ganesha's Day, he who is the remover of Obsticles, we talked to Praveen's Mum on the way- she is always his luck and we filled out all the forms very carefully [also a big help I am sure] now we wait impatiently to see the outcome.
We have our Morocco tour to look forward to, and it will be so much more fun with him along and then we have a research trip planned to France [OK very indulgent as well- I love Paris] but we seriously have work to do as well on our new idea France- the Mirabelle Trail
 a little idea we have been dreaming with Dijanne Cevaal for some while...we can now see the story we want to follow and so it is time to get things in place- ohh what fun.

 Sideways a new electric cycle rickshaw, soon gone will be the days of men cycling you around Delhi with their own brute strength...I wander what Praveen thinks of a 12 year old he used to be on the streets earning enough money to feed his Mum, Dad and brothers....I hope the poorest of the poor who do this work are not edged out of employment.
 Delhi has a little treat I love...a real French Patisserie that would be right at home in Paris- salted carmel Macaroon [the cost of one of these 2 bite morsels - 3 nibbles if I try and be lady-like would be about as much as a village family of 6 spends on their dinner] nothing to feel guilty about but it does highlight the difference across the spending levels in this country

Delhi is like your old Aunt, you know the one, a bit of a hairy chin, windy bottom. smelly armpits but also a bit of mischeif in her smile, and a sweet in the jar to share and you could not help but be fond of her...particualrly nice at the moment with Spring flowers planted all over town

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