Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Holi

It was Holi yesterday, well really holi Puja was the night before, but the part everyone looks forward to the Festival of Colours was yesterday.
Everyone runs around like crazy coating coloured powders and waters on just about anyone they can find.
Many brands of those colours stain my skin very vividly for many weeks...Ok if you live in India but it doesn't half look weird if you leave the country.
I once had to do a tour of Vietnam post Holi and was the only cerise person to be seen.
so yesterday I was extra carful and hid at home.
What a piker!! I know but I celebrated in my own way dyeing up a mountain of organza....
and it has the boys in the workshop [Raju and Ranjit] very busy getting it packed for me to take to Australia, tomorrow.
Ahh tomorrow!! the adrenalin of the last minute rush.
Looking forward to seeing my boys, girls belonging to boys and my mates
yippee :)

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Jane Clark said...

I have just found your blog this morning it made my heart sing. I teach textiles and art everyday of my life and recycle everyday with my students and friends. I am off to India in December to learn wood block printing and stitch some stitch. I would love to exchange and find out more about what you do. Best wishes, Jane