Friday, April 19, 2013

ben there....

 Had a lovely time....
back again tired, and it is so hot and dusty here now...summer is advancing.
had a lovely time, too much running as usual but so lovely to fit so many visits in.
First off was landing on our girl Jen -at the un Godly hour of midnight straight from the airport- isn't she kind?
Her studio is just amazing [not only my stuff but all the other treasure she has as well] some of the most gorgeous and qwirky vintage fabric around....luck my bags were full I could have indulged but I suppose I can always hit her shop...I love bark cloth...must ask her its history. My grandmother always used it for curtains when I was a kid.
have a look at her blog -she is famous today

look an antique we assembled for her [she found all the bits left by Granny at a rummage sale] and hand quilted....workshop is happy to see their work and where it goes.
 And then Dijanne popped in for a visit [we also gave her the opportunity to help us re-packe a whole bunch od sari silk for The Stitching Projects range.
you know you ahve a good mate when they are happy to sit, talk and work with you.
These are her new kits a beautiful Medieval inspired lady and knight- really gorgeous and some of her new work
 You know we have been having a bit of an obsession over tours and workshopy type ideas in France, Dijanne also has a lovely picture book she is working on ...think I can mention that even though it is not finished yet....well it has got her going on some new work- fantastic new work, here is a sneak preview...they will be on display in France now I think....
 here is a link to the workshop she attended last week in she is at Quilts en Beaujolais...and sqeezing in a bit of research for the sound of her week in the office...mine is all about paperwork... not complaining we have 12 days in France soon

Being a bit mad and hot catching up in the workshop...all my new technology had a few connection problems in Oz so I will savour my trip and pop up some new pictures soon.
Lovely to be away and so lovely to be home again.

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