Friday, April 26, 2013

bye and thanks for all the fish...

 Nice memories....a week end away with my boys and the lovely girls they are bringing into the fold...our house was just across the road. Magic.
 Considering they were always the most energetic, rough and tumble mob I find it amazing they can sit for hours fishing...not jumping on each other for a little thumping, just hanging out together and fishing.
I am so amazed and proud nto see the people they have grown themselves babies.
 A delightful lady we met at Context Art in the Blue Mountains agreed to be our model....our new idea is looking good- I think I need one to trial for our Moroccan jaunt.
The week end in the Blue Mountains was full of delights, Valery Kirk of Canberra was there to showcase the Centenury Tapestry Project, it was wonderful to see the lovely water colour cartoons transform into even more magnificent weavings...makes me want to give it a go. Would her magic touch rub off on me though?
No time to wonder really, we have hit the gorund running- a delightful bunch of UTS Fashion students came for the weekend for a bit of fun and then into the blockprint workshop. keeping Nandu busy.
Then off to Delhi for a day of paperwork and buying a new gizmo.
After the Oz trip I knew I needed a small- I mean small laptop, I am past the days of lugging heavy laptops around, it has to be  full of guts, and connectivity and usefulness.
Praveen was only too happy to egg me on and we have a new Samsung thingy- less than 1 kg and all new Windows 8 and flash inside.
I have regularly gone through getting a new operating system/computer. Windows 8 has certainly provoked far less grumping and snarling than any so far. The combination of separate  tablet like touch screen and key board dock for actaul work is fabulous.
It annoys me Microsoft seem to want to force you to have everything through them and your files stored in their facilities...I want my work with me and able to access with our with out internet.
And it seems that it is mostly presumed a costly gizmo like this is only for entertainment rather than much of it is for shopping, social chatting and entertainment...what I want is hidden inside.
OH well a great new toy.....
just got to finish setting up the email accounts- somehting is not gigging properly - although Microsoft seems to want me to do it all through them? control freaks....
Much to do getting ready for our Moroccan adventure in a few weeks, trying not to melt here
happy days

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